Whether or not you use Conejo Printing and Graphics for your printing services, we offer a service

of converting text to outlines to eliminate the risk of missing fonts in your PDF file.


Many professional print companies require PDF files with the fonts already outlined.


Why do fonts need to be outlined?


Many printers prefer to have art files sent to them with fonts outlined because if they do not

have the necessary font, or if the font they use is different from the font you used,

the printed piece may not look the way you originally intended it.

Adobe InDesign offers particular challenges when trying to convert text to paths, as effects are

often lost once the text is outlined. It is usually best to export as a PDF; then outline the text.

The other advantage of having the fonts outlined is it allows the art to be a scalable vector graphic.

What this means is, if the art file is enlarged, there will be no loss in detail.

An outlined font is scalable because, given a geometrical description of a typeface, a printer or other display device can generate the characters at any size (scale). Aside from offering innumerable sizes of each font, outline fonts have the added advantage that they make the most of an output device 's resolution. The more resolution a printer or monitor offers, the better an outline font will look.

Other common terms for this – text to curves, text to paths, outlined text, outlined fonts.


  • We can convert text to paths for you for just $2.00 per page.

  • You must send us a .PDF file with No Security or Password. No other files accepted for this service.

  • Please refer to our Digital Art Specs on our File Preparation page if you need assistance saving as a PDF file.

  • We will email you the outlined PDF file the same working day* once we have received your payment and art file.

NOTE: If you have placed a printing order with us, we will outline your art file free of charge

for your current printing order as part of our file preparation and prepress process.

outline fonts, text to outlines

*Working hours defined as M-F work week, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Turnaround based on time received, our current workload, and amount of pages in PDF. Most files received before noon are processed the same day.